The Story of Team Rubicon

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The first chapter of Team Rubicon Australia (TRA) is a modest yet determined one. In 2013 a couple of regular blokes got it in their heads that they could take the model of disaster response and veteran reintegration pioneered by Team Rubicon US, slap a big coat of Vegemite on it and make it Australian. In doing so their goal was to shift the paradigm of disaster response in the Pacific Rim and change the narrative around veterans in Australia.

Since that time we have been diligently growing and building capability. We began putting Australians into the field before we were even a registered organisation – Nepal, America, Greece, Canada and the list keeps growing.

We are now a team and are becoming a TRibe. 2017 will see TRA become a fully operational entity. We will bring a capability to field not yet seen in this region and provide an opportunity to Australian Veterans that is much needed and long overdue.
Our next chapter will be an exciting one….

Disasters are our business. Veterans are our passion.

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